The three platform panels  are constructed from 0.125" wall 1" square 6061 aluminum tube.   The rear section is shaped so the platform can project into the area by the rear windows.   Sections are 24" wide - you can put 25" wide material on there and have overhang to get a full 75" bed - or you can do as we have and have the wood be flush with the frame and have space between each panel.    Here we've attached our black stained plywood. 

We have tested these for several months now of camping and always had 240 pounds of adults up there and a few mornings another 180 pounds of kids.  We're not too sure about the extra 180 pounds...  That said we did test a single panel (with 1/2" balticbirch) with 490 pounds and it only deflected  5/8"!!!!

Optional Weld-in threaded nut plates

The rails are super stout 11 gauge steel plate formed so the platform sits flat.  Length allows for a 75" sleeping area and doesn't project too far out into the window or door area to be a pain. The steel rails are  formed specifically to account for the arc of the Sprinters walls at each of the four bed heights.  On our low and floor kits the rails are laser cut to deal with the bulge in the slider door wall.


Pricing for the 144" van is $875, $940 for the long wheel base.  This includes two custom angled steel side rails and three panels.  If you'd like more or less panels and/or want to use our weld-in mounting brackets - shown to the right - contact us and we can discuss pricing.    Please contact us  to discuss any details that you'd like us to help out with.

You're in charge of the rest: paint, powder-coat, fastener system, platform material: (plywood, baltic birch ply, some fancy  light weight marine composite, you go for it..) cover it with vinyl or fabric - or leave it bare. 

This kit is for the DIY'er handyperson that wants a platform bed in their NVC3 van, but doesn't want to pay thousands of dollars for one of the very nice compete kits already out there and/or doesn't own a 100 ton metal brake or a TIG welder.  

We are building these now in four formats each tailored the width and curvature of the van walls for a given height: 

The High kit designed to be installed at  44" off the floor

The Medium kit designed to be installed at 40" 

The Low kit designed to be installed at 36"

And our most recent addition, the Floor kit- designed to be place anywhere between the wheel wells up to 28 or 30"

We have rails to fit the 170 vans in all but the the floor kit. All of these heights have some wiggle room up and down so we can pretty much make something work for you anywhere from the floor to 45"up.

Note: This item should only be installed by skilled installers, no mounting instructions are included.   But our 'Builds' page has links to other folks installs which can be very helpful

And we have panels to fit popular heights on the T1N vans now as well. 

Pictured is high version mounted for a platform height of 44" in our van - the lower bed is for the kids....). 

The front panel frame for the low and floor kits is fabricated to accommodate the wall bulge on the sliding door side

Rear panel is notched to fit into the area by the rear doors better.  It's still 24" wide.

Panel Platform Bed Kit

​for the NV3 and T1N

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