Front Axle Skid Plate Armor

Our Front Skid Plate is CAD designed and  made in the USA.

Pricing, Timing, etc... Now!! Price 635 USD

This skid plate comes with all required hardware and fixes to existing mounts on the front bumper and front axle assemblies. 

The two steel cross members are constructed from A36 steel and are powdercoated black

The concept was to provide a greatly increased degree of protection to the exposed front axle assembly are in a simple, elegant and lightweight skid plate.  No flimsy 18 gauge guard here.  But this isn't meant to protect you from the Rubicon in the Sierras or Hell's Revenge in Moab either - but if you do get a Sprinter on either of those please send me a pic!

The main skid plate is laser cut and formed from 0.250" 6061-T6 plate.  Although more expensive, this heat-treated alloy has a high strength and corrosion resistance.   Our low radius bends allow us to use this alloy of 6061 vs other alloys that are are slightly less burly.   Just the plate weighs in at over 32 pounds.

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